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The question of who we are is one that has been asked throughout the periods. It’s a question that proponents and psychologists have psychologists have tried answer, but the answer isn’t always clear.

What do you suppose makes up a person? What defines us? Is it our biology? Our genetics. Our parenting or terrain? Is it our studies, passions, and conduct? Is it what we say or don’t say? What about our recollections and gests from the history or in the present moment?. The question of” Who am I?” is one that numerous people ask themselves. It’s a question that can be allowed about from numerous different angles.

Who am I? Well, I am a working student. I come from a floundering family and my parents are always fighting.
I feel like they do not understand what it feels like to be youthful, ambitious and trying your stylish at everything you do but still floundering financially every day. I’m a person with a story. I’ve seen numerous effects, and I’ve had to do numerous effects that I would not want to do again. But I’ve learned from them, and it has made me who I’m moment. I’m a person who has studies and passions. I’ve the capability to feel happiness, sadness, wrathfulness, and more. I’m also an individual with my own studies, solicitations, and pretensions in life. All of these effects make me who I’m as a person or existent.

Culture, feelings, chops, communication, state of life, backslappers, passions, happiness, differences and so forth. These are the keys to our life and our business. The rest is in our control. It all comes down to what we put into it and who we are. You get to be who and what’s stylish for you, yourself. That’s a veritably important idea. However, also I can fluently fall down from what truly matters to me in life, if I do not have a strong foundation. I suppose we formerly know that. But if we want to make it to the top, we’ve to put all that we suppose and all our beliefs and feelings into action. We all need to develop our strengths and sins, our interests and heartstrings, a lot of them. Also, we must find ways to incorporate these into our lives and business in order to get results.

Who am I?.

I can be manly or womanish, altitudinous or short, happy or happy or sad. I can be black or white, old or youthful. I can have a disability or not. I have my own voice and my own way of thinking. I live in a world that is full of colour and light, just like everyone differently does. And I want to be seen and heard as an equal person too. ~KSH

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    New Media Works

    Hi KSH 🙂

    just a quick “heads up” — on this post, you now have one tag, not three. You need to use commas or the enter key to separate tags (it depends where / how you add them 😉 )

    🙂 Norbert


    1. Oh, thank you♡

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